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Have you been working relentlessly to get rid of mice and rats? Or perhaps you wonder how to get rid of mice and rats? These rodents are common in homes as they only need 1/4” to squeeze through a window, door, or crack. Mice may not be visible, but there are multiple ways to identify if you have a problem in your home.

First, mice and rodent activity is most evident through droppings. Although hard to believe, a small collection of mice can produce thousands of droppings over a short time. Second, mice and rodents may leave evidence as they gnaw. Lastly, mice and rodents leave a musty smell that can be noticed by dogs and cats.

The most common solution to mice and rodents in your home are traps. However, mice and rodent traps are not the best option with children and other animals. If you are looking for a pest control company in Cedar Park Texas with a guarantee to kill against mice, rodents, and other bugs, than contact us today and we will contact you immediately to protect your family.

Mice, rodents, and all other bugs will be flushed out through our full comprehensive service. This pest control service not only services your home, but also your entire yard. We are confidant in the results we deliver and guarantee that we take care of the problem or you don’t pay for the service. If there is any issue between service periods, we will come back at no cost to you to take care of the issue.

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